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As is our monthly custom here at Raw Food Rehab, it's time for our mid-month roll call to take attendance and find out who is actively plugged in here at our Community Site. 

If you would, please let us know you're in the house by adding your name and where you're from in the comments below.

For everyone who signs in by this coming Thursday (August 23rd), I'll be drawing 5 winning names for the pictured book that was so kindly offered by my friend and author, John McCabe!

I just received the newly released 2nd edition of his book Sunfood Diet Infusion, and as I'm flipping through the pages, I'm thinking that this may very well be the most comprehensive resource for raw vegan living that I've ever seen. WOW! Thanks so much to John for donating to us here at Raw Food Rehab!

For more on John & to read a review of the book or to purchase a copy, click here. This book will certainly be a great addition to your personal raw food collection!

Also, be sure to click - "STOP FOLLOWING" on this discussion so you won't have your inbox filled with replies!

We'll be looking for you!!

xoxo - Penni

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Karen McCarville from Dallas, TX :-)  I WOULD LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!  xoxo

From Arlington  MA and I am back :)

Julie Bergmann from San Dimas, CA -- Looks like a great book!

Eileen back in Lansdale, PA

Sandra Hughins - Birmingham, Alabama

Allyce from Sydney, Australia (originally, currently working in Korea!)


Helllllllllllllllllllllooooo Everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here- from Carson City, NV

******sheepishly peeks in the door and waves hello*******

I'm Meredith Wilson from Columbia, MD and yes I've been quiet, but I'm still here and I LOVE this community!  Always will!

Cindy...... Wilbur, WA. Book sounds great!

Dianne K. -Gig Harbor,Wa here!

I would love this book !!


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