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I'm feeling so excited and a bit emotional as I roll out the details of our next 11 Week Total Health & Wellness Initiative - RAW BALANCE - 11 Weeks of Creating a Beautiful Life.

Because this will be the 10th and final Initiative offered through Raw Food Rehab, we're going to pull out all of the stops.  The leadership team that has assembled is over the top and truly amazing (see the above video).  This final 11 week program will kick off on Saturday, October 1st and run through Friday, December 16th. 

I am sincerely hoping that you'll come join us for Raw Balance, as we are looking forward to equipping,  supporting, encouraging, entertaining and inspiring you  to higher, more balanced levels of wellness.  The Raw Balance Vault will be a plush and fully private new wing of the RFR mansion which will be dedicated to a more intense focus on getting down to the business and balance of the diet & lifestyle principles we have consistently embraced during our 11 Week Total Health & Wellness Initiatives. 

All additional details are outlined in our Guidelines and Rules of Participation, see the attachment at the bottom of this discussion.

To secure your place in Raw Balance, you will need to send a Pay Pal payment of $33.  Once payment is received, your place in our Initiative is totally secure. You will will receive a confirmation email (at your Pay Pal email address) once your payment has been made.


To join the Raw Balance Vault - Click Here

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments below and we are all very much looking forward to exploring our Raw Balance with you beginning October 1st!

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Excited to once again be joining you...and what a lineup of folks involved.


Cannot wait to get my Raw balance going - thank you...


I have to say I'm sad that this is the last 11 weeks of Raw:( but I do understand that it's a lot of work and I don't know how you have done it and still have a life! Being in the Vault and Weight room has kept me plugged in to this life more then anything, and I thank you Penni and Susan for that.  I hope that 2012 will bring something new to Raw Food Rehab and lots of little helpers for Penni!!
Thank you Penni for all you love and hard work.  I'm looking forward to the journey and direction RFR takes.

ME, ME, ME!!!!


I too am sad that this is the last one, but, I also understand how much work it is too...

Signed up and ready to go! what an exciting group to have leading us in "Raw Balance". It's gonna be great!!! :))
This sounds awesome. I glad I am already signed up. I started as one of the first and will be in this last initiative. Makes me feel I have come full circle.

Ok it is on. It is on in a Big Way. The Raw Balance Initiative is going to take me to a New Plateau. We will start this initiative on October 1st and my personal 1 year date is November 7th. Remember my original goal was to lose a minimum of 200 Lbs in one year. Well I am going to accomplish this with the Raw Balance Initiative. I am pumped up for sure. I could not be happier to join everyone on this journey to improve our health together. Thank You Penni for this great opportunity.

I'm excited to be joining a second time! I have made such strides, I was a slow start but finishing strong.

Ready to get balanced! Thank You!


And I can't wait to experience all that is to come with all of the leadership team.  Am so glad I signed up day 1.  And, I am excited about the new team you have assembled!

Blessings in our journey~Rita

Already signed up and ready to go!  I don't know how you have kept up the pace so far--glad to see such a wonderful lineup to help this time!
Penni! you rock! what an amazing team! i want to express to you and everyone at "the hab" that i have personally witnessed the level of authenticity, caring and sheer willpower/determination/incredible work ethic that you, Penni, have demonstrated. I stand in wonder of you. i am honored to be in your company. i for one have been supportive of you taking this much needed break. as one of the counselors in the upcoming RAW BALANCE initiative, i am honored and excited! what a wonderful group that has come together to support you and the beauties in this Mansion. you deserve this support! lots of love my friend! xoxo Dara
Really looking forward to this! Wish we could start sooner.

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