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Autumn has just began in the Northern Hemisphere and we have an amazing digital resource for you, if you are looking for more education, seasonal recipes, pantry & shopping lists, and much more.  My ebook series, Falling Into Raw - Finding Simplicity & Balance in the Season has been recently re-edited and is available now at a new price (was $33 | now just $24.99). A great deal of love and energy went into the creation of this collection and I know it will be a source of tangible support for you, whether you are brand now to raw foods, are a long-time raw food enthusiast or if you have fallen off track are ready to hit the reset button!
In this set you will receive 3 digital books:

Falling Into Raw - Finding Simplicity & Balance in the Season  - The main book includes my personal story with raw foods, how to get started & putting a plan into action, keeping your motivation, eating for the season, nutritional info on all seasonal produce, stocking your pantry, a market list, personal statistics & journal page.

Falling Into Raw - In The Kitchen - a collection of over 90 seasonally inspired raw and vegan recipes.

Falling Into Raw - The Photos - over 40 beautiful digtial photographs of many of the finished  recipes.

Falling Into Raw can be ordered immediately and for just $24.99 you will receive all of this material, which will be directly sent to your email Inbox.

*** Click Here to Order Falling Into Raw Now ***

And please feel free to leave any questions you may have in the comments below!

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It looks already amazing and I bet everything, that it is amazing.

I sooooo recommend this! Amazing recipes and information!

Can't wait to get it!! Always looking for good recipes ;-)

Great recipes and stunning photography.... love it all!

Wonderful and Inspiring Photos , Penni !

I feel the Autumn in my Body ! In my Mouth !

I drink the Fog ... and eat the Leaves .


And prepare ... in my Dreams ... Soups . Still a Trainning . To my Loved Husband .

He loves Soups .


I am now , once a Day in ' Bouillon ' ...

... its Wonderful .


In having RAW ... when I ' m Hungry .


Thank You for the Beauty !


Lace ***

Yes ... I love this Simplicity ... its so Rustic in a Beautiful Way ...


Oh , these Photos move Me ... deeply .


Go on ...


Lace ***

This is an amazing ebook!!!

One of my favorite of the eBook series! Wonderful soup recipes and love "The Easy Weekend Chili"!

I will be ordering your e-book.....excited about it......A nice way to enter into a new season...

the pictures are gorgeous! it's definitely feeling like autumn around here! balance does sound like a good thing to strive for this season, as does simplicity! i hope to get to order this soon!

thanks so much! :)

Book looks beautiful.  Does one need a dehydrator?  Tks

Hi Eileen - thank you!  There are a few recipes that use a dehydrator, but many do not. I can get an actual number for you if you'd like, but I suspect under 25% require a dehydrator.  You can always use your oven on the lowest temperature setting and leave the door ajar until you get a dehydrator, if those recipes are appealing to you! 

Eileen Young said:

Book looks beautiful.  Does one need a dehydrator?  Tks

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