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Raw Balance just kicked off on October 1st and the whole Leadership Team has an awesome Initiative planned for you!

Are YOU in?  If you are, sign in here and say, "HI!"  (click on the Stop Following feature when you do so to eliminate any additional emails from other Raw Balance members).  If you have paid but are having problems getting to the Vault, please email Penni directly at


If you have not yet joined us...please do! We still have 10 glorious weeks left of education, motivation, inspiration, support & entertainment.

It is going to be EPIC!  Click here to join us for Raw Balance!

If you would like to read some of the wonderful stories that came out of our last Initiative, RAW RESULTS, check them out below.  


Raw Results Stories of Transformation:

Angie Garber

Leah Duyao

Mary Long

Jean T


Steve Swanson


Go Go Green Grannie


Durga Arrow

Jennifer Tucholski

Juan Gonzalez


Sharon K Bella


Robin Lamarche

Christine Thomson


Stacey D

We want YOU to be one of the next success stories!!!


PS..If you have not yet received your confirmation email when you signed up, please check your spam folder.  Also, Penni sends these emails to the email address that you used when paying with Paypal.


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Hi I am here


I'm in! So excited to start! xo

I am in and cant wait!!!


Me too!
i'm still waiting for mine and i checked the spam too
Excited to be a part of this event.
I'm in!!!  And super excited!  :)
I'm in !
I cant wait!!! when do we get access to the vault and weight room?
I m in and excited too!
Im in! Can't wait!!!

I am brimming with excitement!!! I finally got it, that what you put into it is what you will get out of it!!!

I gave myself a new name and a new start! I'm so happy to be here, and I'm ready to give it my all!!!!


Let's GIT 'ER DUN!!!!!

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