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It's time for our mid- month ROLL CALL! As we do every month at Raw Food Rehab, we put up a thread to get a reading on who is still with us here at the Hab. So even if you aren't that active, or just one of the quiet ones, now is the time to let us know you are paying attention to what's happening here on the Main Forum!

This month we are celebrating 18 months of being here at the big Raw Food Rehab Mansion! We have gone from 60 to over 8,000 members during this time! I deeply appreciate your presence here, because it is each of YOU that make RFR what its been and is becoming!

So, chime in and holler at your homies in the comments below, telling us our name and where you're from.  Be sure that you're not following this discussion since it typically gets hundreds of replies....

And as an extra special bonus this month, we are offering one of the biggest prizes ever! Please Click Here to check it out! I couldn't be more excited and I hope to here from hundreds of you in the coming week!

Looking forward to seeing who is in the house this month!!
xo - Penni

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Mela from MN stopping by to say hi!
Hear, Here!!!
I'm still here! :)


Kay Lucia

Hi!  I'm (back) in the house and SO very glad to be here.  WOOHOO!!


from sweden.

 I'm here!  Roberta Neels Owensboro Ky.

Hellooo, just started back with the raw foods and I'm lurking on the forums, still a quiet one ;)


Sophie - England. 

Im around.... from Edmond, OK

im here:) its may now but i am :) brittany from kingsport, TN



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