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It'd been longer than usual between watering my indoor veggies. When I went to water my radishes and beets, I found my radish leaves COVERED in some white, dusty clumps. I'm assuming these were aphid eggs. I also saw little green tick-like pests crawling on the leaves - if I remember right, these are Aphids, right? How can I get rid of them quickly? I raise these plants so that I may eat the leaves... but with these little creeps, I'm severely turned off.

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I have been trying to get rid of aphids on my plants that I overwinter as well.  I have not tried it yet but a garlic spray is supposed to help.  I have tried adding some peppermint oil to a water bottle and misted the plants but it did not help much.  I'm hoping someone else will respond that has had better luck in getting rid of these pests.  I also get them on my plants out in the garden and would love to know a good, reliable organic way to keep them off of my greens!!


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