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Chances are you've heard of Dan McDonald. Dan the Man. Dan - The Life Regenerator.

If you haven't you are gonna get an eyeball full of him in this video, but I seriously LOVE IT! Forget that he's half nakey, in a bath towel, okay? Just watch the WHOLE video and then talk to me in the comments if what Dan says speaks to you.

I, for one, am so grateful for Youtube, the internet and our Raw Food Rehab community, because if there is a day (or longer) in which I'm feeling uninspired or as though I've lost my way, all I have to do is come and seek wise counsel from people I trust and I get back on track again. Do you realize how blessed we are?  

We gotta re-think our whining and take a break from feeling sorry for ourselves about whatever it is that's absorbing our attention and just do what Dan is telling us to do in this video message. Where is your focus? Where will you choose to put your focus today?

As for me, I'm choosing LOVE, baby. Oh, and some green juice, fresh fruit and a big epic salad. Can you did it?

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in whole-hearted agreement - it don't mean a thing without LOVE in it!

loving, appreciating, seeing the blessings - this is what we THRIVE on - thank you for this beautiful message.

Love the message.  Gotta eat with gratitude!

Love me some cherimoyas!! Love the message of love, appreciation, calm, and silence while eating is what I can resonate with!! This is so very true!!  Also the mention of primary food LOVE !!  Keeping the green juice, fresh fruit, and epic salad alive and well!!


I loved that he sat at the table and gave thanks to the Lord while he was eating his meal, not just a prayer before, but giving thanks continually, continual communication and appreciation. Sometimes I rush through what I eat so I can get other things done in my day...I need to slow down and appreciate what I'm given to eat which is so much healthier than what I used to eat.

I also loved that he said, "if you think a food is bad for you, I highly recommend you do not eat that food because it WILL be bad for you," and that what you eat is only a tiny bit of what matters compared to what you think about what you are eating.

His fridge and house is stuffed with healthy foods, wowee, I don't know if I could eat all of that in a week!

Great video, Dan's so calm and deep into what he talks about, he walks the walk and talks the talk! I want to be like that! Then when he looks at me in my "eyeballs" he sees that I'm living in something that is good and blessed...

Gotta love him. Great message. Spot on.

Thanks for posting the link, Penni.  I appreciate having things all in one spot and easily attainable.  I thought he had a lot of good things to say.  I think what he said about digestion problems and stress is so true.  Also, I liked when he talked about love and appreciation being more important than the actual food that we are eating.  A lot to think about....

So true and heartwarming.  Love is all there is.

lol, this was great!

i've only seen one or two of his videos before and this one is by far the most inspiring; not to mention that he is absolutely radiating health! his skin and eyes look amazing!


thanks for sharing this with us, penni. definately "food" for thought ;).

I can dig it! Thanks Penni...Love IS the key!

Dan is faithful to the truth that he has been given, shown, and inspired by both from within and without!

The truth will set us free and love is always the answer.

This is his true message that he tries to share each and every video that raw living food is unsurpassed but with out love for ourselves, for others, for this planet than we are really missing the deepest and highest reason for living.

Dan has inspired me profoundly and I am eternally indebted to his Light, Honesty, Love, and Truth in which he has so willingly and freely shared with us all.

Love you Dan!  From my heart to yours.

....and thank you Penni from my heart.

Love Dan, nice topic about loving what you eat. That's good
Dan's video's are always filled with so much love and gratitude ~ I love HIM and I love life and everythin! xx

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