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Chances are you've heard of Dan McDonald. Dan the Man. Dan - The Life Regenerator.

If you haven't you are gonna get an eyeball full of him in this video, but I seriously LOVE IT! Forget that he's half nakey, in a bath towel, okay? Just watch the WHOLE video and then talk to me in the comments if what Dan says speaks to you.

I, for one, am so grateful for Youtube, the internet and our Raw Food Rehab community, because if there is a day (or longer) in which I'm feeling uninspired or as though I've lost my way, all I have to do is come and seek wise counsel from people I trust and I get back on track again. Do you realize how blessed we are?  

We gotta re-think our whining and take a break from feeling sorry for ourselves about whatever it is that's absorbing our attention and just do what Dan is telling us to do in this video message. Where is your focus? Where will you choose to put your focus today?

As for me, I'm choosing LOVE, baby. Oh, and some green juice, fresh fruit and a big epic salad. Can you did it?

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Beautiful, man. 


I love you Dan. 



I always think of my family's dog, Roxy, and her sweet spirit. She is so wonderful to be near because she is all love. Her whole being is love. I learn a lot from her. No wonder she enjoys her food so much.   ;) always Dan spoke to me.  It is all about Love..for myself for others...There is so much truth when Dan speaks of appreciating your food, eating in silence...I have through my life eaten at a table with those that bicker and yell and argue, and the pains I would get in my stomach and nausea, and other symptoms.  I do know that balance is the key.  I think this is the BEST video I have seen from Dan.  I will take more time to appreciate and acknowledge my food in a positive way.  LOVE...




Think this is one of Dan's best videos.  Absolutely right on. Also reminds be of Emily's post today about preparedness.  She talks about the preparation of the juices and a sacred acts...special space to prepare the juice...the spirtual experience.  I think we do end up "grazers" instead of loving the act of eating.  Some may think it foolish to say "grace" but that is what we should be doing - saying gratitude for about ability to love, love ourself, our bounty (and our fellow rehabbers.) And I'm stopping to get more fruit tonight.  LOL.  But truly, I will listen and learn more tonight.  Once is not enough for this video.  Thank you for pointing this out.  A nice topic for a vision board or journaling too - "FOCUS" & "LOVE."  Isn't there a children's book about "How much I love you?'  The gesture is the same - arms spread wide open.  Why is it that we forget this lesson should apply to us and as we age/mature we some how take that for granted.  LOVE is spelt PENNI. 
I don't mind the "half nakey, in a bath towel". I enjoy his video's.... I do like this one as well, although it sounds like he must be getting some negative feedback lately :(  That is sad.

Can you dig it, baby? Gotta love Dan.

I love what he said about loving what you eat. If you're eating for the wrong reasons then don't do it. I'm going to work on this one.


I love it Henrietta! Definitely much needed. xox

I love that you posted this Penni, I've been a Dan subscriber for about 2 years now... that's how I found the RFR site - through Alice on one of Dan's shows.  I wonder how Alice is these days...?

He's been on SUCH a journey over this last 2 years!  I found him when he was first nominated for the Raw Food Awards in '09 - I had never heard of him before and he just blew everybody out of the water!  I thought 'who is this guy?' and checked him out right away... well, I've been hooked ever since!

He's our man Dan, I can dig it!!  He's the bomb!

I've watched a LOT of Dan's videos, and this is one of my favourites so far. He's taking things to a whole new level, I think!  I'll be watching this more than once, because I really need to GET what he's saying: It's all about the love. Thanks Dan, and thanks Penni for posting this! ♥   (PS: Dan is looking GREAT here, bath towel & all!)















I have never seen Dan before, but he just exudes peace.  What a great reminder about having a spirit of gratefulness and love!  Thanks for introducing me to his videos, Penni... off to subscribe to him on YouTube!  :)

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