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Bill with Linda Heflin, M.D. at Neutra+'s launch at Barefoot Market

Neutra+ Organic Superfood Powder was designed and developed by Bill Barlow (Raw Food For My Life) after seeing a common thread in working with his clients - in their busy lives, it was a challenge to get enough nutrient density into their daily diet, even for those who were eating a very high raw food diet. Working with immune compromised individuals (cancer patients and others with difficult diagnosis), Bill wanted to find a way to amp up their nutritional support in such a way that would offer quick and obvious improvements to their health and energy levels.  

Most individuals who have consumed a standard diet of overly cooked, processed foods have bodies that are highly acidic and depleted of many of the most essential minerals and nutrients. Bill set his intentions of putting together a superfood blend that combines 7 organic, gluten free, alkalizing, nutrient dense, very powerful ingredients that when consumed daily, increase alkalinity and decrease acidity, offer increase absorbability of vital nutrients and improve daily health!

Check out this video that Bill & Paul Risse made a few days ago as Barefoot Market was launching this new product in Stevenville, Texas:


Neutra+ is in full swing distribution and is now in health food stores in many states. It can also be purchased directly from Bill's website, here.

Bill has generously donated 10 bags of Neutra+ to our Raw Food Rehab Community's 12 Days of Christmas Givewaway - Thank you, Bill & Raw food For My Life!!


To enter, simply type your name & where you are from into the comments below. Once your comment appears, be sure to click the words STOP FOLLOWING that are just under the comment box.

Winners will be announced this Saturday morning December 22nd!!  Good Luck and please log back in each day for our next prize opportunity!!

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