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For the past 4 years, in addition to facilitating this community, I have spent a great deal of time in researching, studying, traveling, listening, learning, writing, recipe creating, tasting & photographing gorgeous raw food.  Out of these experiences, there have been a number of wonderful digital publications that have been birthed.  I believe we can never have too many resources or tools to help support us as we explore and implement new and improved ways of gaining better health. 

So for today's 12 Days of Christmas offering, I would like to offer 10 copies of my digital books that are currently available for purchase. If your name is drawn, you can choose from one of these titles: 

Raw For The Holidays - Bringing Life to the Season

Resolve to Evolve Pathways to Optimal Health

Falling Into Raw Finding Simplicity & Balance in the Season

REAL JUICE DAILY - Keeping It Real ~ One Sip at a Time

You can learn all of the details of these books, and see other titles that are currently available through RFR Publishing by clicking here.


To enter, simply type your name & where you are from into the comments below. Once your comment appears, be sure to click the words STOP FOLLOWING that are just under the comment box.

Winners will be announced on Saturday morning December 22nd!!  Good Luck and please log back in each day for our next prize opportunity!!

Click the links to sign in to previous days if you missed signing up until now

1st Day of Christmas

2nd Day of Christmas

3rd Day of Christmas

4th Day of Christmas

5th Day of Christmas

6th Day of Christmas

7th Day of Christmas

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Glorianne, Simi Valley CA

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Jerusha said:

Jerusha from Christchurch, New Zealand

Ann Zweir - West Greenwich, RI

Marina Patrice Van Gossen - Philadelphia, PA

Bridey Conway -Durango, Colorado

Stephanie Loa- El Paso, Texas!!!!!!!!


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