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Today I'm really happy to rolling out the details for our upcoming 28 Day Total Reset, which will begin on Friday, February 1st.

In the above video I talk about the program but also want to share more of what will be included in this typed format as well.

During the 28 Day Reset we will:

  • Take a personal inventory of what area of our lives could benefit the most from guidance & support in getting back or staying on track with personal goals and desires.
  • Connect (or re-connect) with a community of caring, supportive and like-minded individuals who are focusing on making lasting changes that will stick.
  • Look at and address the personal image we have of ourselves (physically, emotionally, etc.)
  • Look at realistic ways in which to incorporate life-long healthy eating and lifestyle practices.
  • Consider beginning a time of cleansing/detox from food dependencies, emotional crutches and environmental blockages.
  • Look at ways in which to open our hearts and lives to receive breakthroughs in health, weight, relationships, careers, etc.

You will also receive downloadable materials that will support you in making dietary shifts that resonate with you. The many recipes and photographs you'll receive are some of my personal favorites and you'll not be disappointed.  You can download everything or only those pieces that line up with your personal 28 Day goals.

  • Guidelines for Optimal Health
  • Recipes for Juicing
  • Smoothies, Soups & other Delightful Blends
  • Raw Food - 24/7 (very simple to gourmet)
  • Plant Based & Healthy - Cooked Food Comforts

Additionally, you'll have membership to a private community site that is focused and dedicated only to this 28 Day Reset, which will include support from other members, myself and our wonderful leadership team. There will be a place to ask questions and get answers along with several new videos each week to help stay connected, inspire you and to support you in staying on track with your goals and desires. There will be a private area for weekly weigh-ins for those members who are looking for that kind of support and accountability.

If you believe this program is for you and you're ready to make the committment, I have a couple of different price options to choose from based on your ability to pay. It is my heart's desire to recognize both the value of what is being offered and to make this available to everyone who deeply feels they are to be a part of what we are co-creating.

Join our 28 Day Total Reset Now - $56 (just $2/day)

If your circumstances inhibit your participation at that level, we invite you to commit to our 28 Day Total Reset for a reduced price of just $28 (only $1/day)

If you truly are unable to pay at either of these levels, I invite you to send me an email with a very brief mention of your situation, why you very much want to participate and the amount you would be willing to pay for this information and support at - please put RESET in the subject line as I receive 100's of emails daily and I don't want yours to get lost in my inbox!

I thank you very much for watching/reading and I will look forward to answering any of your questions in the comment section below!

Most Sincerely, 

Director at Raw Food Rehab & Upgrade Your Plate


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I cant wait im so excited, so appreciate all your hard work :)

Yeah, Penni!  I am so excited.  I am ready to commit!  I love the idea of "Reset".

Thank you for all you do,


Thank you, Penny. I'm so excited about doing this as a community. I've paid, and  I'm ready to start when the time comes.  Nancy

Just checking in... I've been working on all of the digital materials for our upcoming 28 Day Reset... so many amazing recipes!  You all will be getting the cream of the crop - all my favorites and then some! 

25 Juices - 23 Smoothies - 15 Tonics & Other Blended Drinks - 12 Raw Soups - 10 Raw Breakfasts - 12 Fresh Salads (w/ amazing dressings) - 7 Appetizers - 8 Weekend Food Projects (Dehydrator Recipes) - 14 Raw Entrees & 7 Raw Desserts

Then in our Healthy Cooked Section: 5 Breakfasts - 3 Appetizers - 5 Salads - 9 Soups/Stews & 7 Entrees

No one will be going hungry in February!

Once I get all the final typesetting done on these pdf's and all of the technical work & welcoming videos done for our private website, I'll be opening the doors so everyone can get in, get connected, download their material and start interacting! I'm looking at sometime this coming Sunday - January 27th.

Please send me your good thoughts as I power through all of this - Can't Wait to Hit the Reset Button with YOU!!

Wow sounds completely amazing. So excited! Im getting a dehydrator thanks to my mum. So looking forward to feb :-)

I am in as well.  I am really looking forward to this, it may be the extra boost I need to achieve my intentions. Looking forward to the support and supporting others.

Sincerely, Nancy E. Marks

I will be joining this Wednesday.  I am soooooo glad to have this opportunity.  Thank you, Penni.

Just signed up, Penni.  I'm looking forward to it!

Margaret, my personal email address is clearly shared in bold in the above text under the video. In addition to that, contacting me isn't hard, just click on my picture above and once you're on my page there is a place to message me.  I also receieve messages at my You Tube channel and on Facebook. 

Last time you wrote to me, I responded immediately Not sure why you're choosing to take such a tone, be condesending towards me and then say you want to share my program with people? If you nearly fell asleep during my video, then it's probably not something that is for you or your followers. Also, I have no assistants and I do all my own work.  

Margaret Gamez said:  Aaagghh!  It is so difficult to get a message to you, Penni!  ....  Can you please give me some direct contact information here?  I mean, as far as I can see, I have to send people through a video, which they must listen to for a long time before they decide if that is what they want. I nearly fell asleep. 

Where can I send people who might be interested in your 28 day restart program?

Meanwhile, if I need to contact *you*, how would that be done?

I am so glad that you are so successful.


There's a Doctor in the House! Super excited to report that Linda Heflin, MD has just been added to our Leadership Team as Medical Expert for our 28 Day Reset!  Having her wisdom and expertise will be a very beneficial addition to the program. YAY!

I’m so excited to be doing this Total Reset with Penni and all

Yay this is amazing news, so happy, go rfr!!! :)

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