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LIGHTEN UP - Our 1st Wellness Initiative in Over 2 Years Begins March 21st

Hello Everyone!

It's Penni here and I'm inviting you to join me for LIGHTEN UP - a Springtime Wellness Initiative, my first program like this in over 2 years

The timing of this Initiative feels so right. Although I've never done an online program in tandem with another, I specifically created Lighten Up with heart-felt inspiration from Oprah & Deepak Chopra's upcoming 21-Day Meditation Experience - Shedding the Weight. (Be sure to register for their program, if you haven't already).

Both begin Monday, March 21st, but I will officially kick things off next Friday, in the kitchen, for the first of four Foodie Friday episodes, created especially for members of Lighten Up!

Lighten Up is for individuals like you who genuinely care about improving your quality of  life and finding your way back to the truest version of yourself. The details of what you'll receive is below.

Be a part of a like-minded community of wellness seekers who are ready to explore improving the quality of the big picture their lives through their diet, thoughts and lifestyle.


Members of Real LIFE Rehab get a VIP Pass to participate as part of their monthly subscription fee of $19.99.


What you'll get with Lighten Up....

  • Food Philosophy for Clean, Simple, Budget Conscious Eating 
  • Shopping Tips & Pantry Basics
  • Top Picks for Stocking Your Real Food Kitchen
  • Affirmations for Releasing & Lightening Up
  • Simplify Your LIFE with Clean Eating - a Real Food & Recipe Guide
  • a 3-Day Gentle Spring Detox (optional)
  • Private Lighten Up Facebook Group 
  • 4 new Foodie Friday Episodes, & I kicked things off this past Friday, March 18th!
  • regular interaction & support from me via email, video & other like-minded community members within the Facebook group
  • and more surprises to be announced

This feels like the most timely & exciting Wellness Initiative that I've created and I'm so excited because so many of you have shared how much you've missed our Initiatives. 

Our 21-days together will be exciting, fun, inspiring, and even uncomfortable and challenging at times, but ultimately, an experience that can be deeply transforming, with your engagement and participation.

Sign up NOW at the VERY special price of only $24.99

Again, Members of Real LIFE Rehab need not register - a VIP pass to Lighten Up is covered by your membership fee. Just please let me know (if you haven't already) that you wish to participate.

Looking forward to more communication with you once you've signed up!

Love You...


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I am so glad to be part of Real Life Rehab & Lighten up....

Did I missed the guide to be sent out?

Hi Penni, I just signed up. Will the information for the program be provided through the FB page?


Marcel - I will double check your email address, but I have added you to our Facebook group and have sent out a few emails since you joined. I will figure it out and make sure get everything. Thank you so much for letting me know!!

Marcel Ras said:

Did I missed the guide to be sent out?

As a charter member do I need to do anything?

No, if you become a member at Real LIFE Rehab, I'll add you right away!

Carla Hubbard said:

As a charter member do I need to do anything?

Penni said:

No, if you become a member at Real LIFE Rehab, I'll add you right away!

Carla Hubbard said:

As a charter member do I need to do anything?

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