Real Food Rehab

No rigid rules, labels or dogmas.... just REAL food, for your body, mind & soul!

If you've been part of Raw Food Rehab for any length of time, you know the drill....
We often do a roll call so we can get an idea of how many members are actually staying plugged in here at "the Hab!" I customarily offer a prize drawing for all of the members who are kind enough to come log in here....offering their name and where they are from.  
This month is no different & as a thank you for signing in, I'll be giving away 3 books and if you're a winner, you get to pick which book you'd like. They are:
Raw & Simple by Judita Wignall
Everyday RAW Detox by Meredith Baird
Raw Food For Dummies by Cheri Soria & Dan Ladermann
Click on the above titles to learn more about the book and author.

If you would like your name added into the drawing for your chance to win one of the 3 books, please add your name and where you live into the comments below.  

Also - Be sure to click STOP FOLLOWING AFTER you have submitted your name in a comment (you'll want to see the words - FOLLOW). This way you won't receive hundreds of emails in your inbox : )  Winners will be announced mid-week next week via video announcement!

Good Luck & winners will be announced later next week!

xo - Penni


Update - Winners have been draw!!

Congratulations to 

Sherri Winchester in Ohio

Lori/Patty Anderson in Riverside, CA

JMari in Fredrick, MD

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Late, but here...Shaun in Tucson.

My name is Annacai and I live in Virginia. Too late of the drawing - but better late than never.

Rose here from Zion, IL. I be the newbie on the block. I would like to purchase the detox book. (we spoke/typed privately) my cousin in Northern WI recommended you to me. There is SO MUCH to soak in here I am a bit overwhelmed hahaha....(ask family I really do have a thick head, it takes a little bit haha....)

Looking forward to meeting and getting to know everyone!


Teri Wayne, Knoxville, tn

Kathleen Kelly from Port Orange.

I don't want a book though.

Tom A. from Anchorage, Alaska here. Checking in and can not wait to learn more about juicing and the getting started with a feast/ fast .. I just ordered my juicer, a Omega 8004 and it should be here by the Feb. 22, 2013. Looking forward to getting started and loosing weight. 

Missed the roll call because I was sick. Still eating & living the life style!!

Congrats to the winners!!!

Beautiful weather in central Texas...perfect for sitting outside and eating my veggies!


oops, missed the roll call but I'm still here! Stephanie Brown in Seattle.

Dianne K. Here -Gig Harbor,Wa.----Looks like I was Late and missed out~

Good to see someone in my neck of the woods win something...Go Riverside, Ca!

LaTricia Morris - Blytheville, AR

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